A Personal Note from Pastor's Pen - STEPS

As a follow up to the message last week, the Lord put on my heart today to share some final thoughts and conclusions about our decisions. Every day we take steps that take us places. You may even wear a device that tracks the amount of steps that you take each day. The average active adult takes around 7,000 steps each day, the average active teenager takes 10,000 steps, and the average active child takes 13,000 steps. When polling the average steps taken in different careers, researchers found that those  working in Hospitality took on average 22,778 steps, Medical 16,390, Clerical 7,570, and at-home parent 13,813 steps. Go at-home parent! But have you ever thought about where those steps are taking us? Yes, our steps take us to the refrigerator, to the office, and to Walmart, but I mean much deeper than that. Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. What an amazing concept, to think that God desires to order each step that we take. In considering this truth, would you like for your steps to be ordered by the Lord? Would you like to have confidence that your steps are God directed, as well as God delighted? The secret to this is actually no secret at all. There are truths found throughout this chapter in Psalms 37 that reveals to us how to have our steps ordered by the Lord. I encourage you to read through this chapter several times, then take pen and paper and notice what the Lord shows you. This morning, I want to point out to you what the Lord showed me. Verse 3 says “Trust in the Lord”. Our steps will never be directed by Christ if our Trust and Faith are not fully in Him. Let’s turn our confidence from outside sources and place our faith fully on Him. Verse 7 says “Rest in the Lord”. Our steps will never be directed by Christ if we are anxious about the outcome of those steps. Christ will not lead you astray. Verse 34 then tells us to “Wait on the Lord.” Our steps will never be directed by the Lord if we are constantly running ahead of Him. How precious it is to know that the God of Heaven, with all the many roles He has to fulfill, desires to direct each of our steps. What an amazing privilege this is for us. Allow this chapter to help you allow Him to.        

-- Pastor Tommy

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