A Personal Note from Pastor's Pen - Happy New Year 2024

Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand-new year! You may or may not be into making new year’s resolutions, but the one thing we can all agree on together is, praise God for fresh starts and new beginnings. As we step into the threshold of a new year, my heart and mind takes me to the words of Paul in I Cor. 16:9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. The dawn of 2024 brings to each of us new opportunities and new chances to embrace the open doors that God places before us. These doors aren’t mere chances but gateways to God's purpose for us individually and as a church  family. They are invitations to walk into uncharted territories where our faith can take action. As you read those previous words, I pray that you feel the same excitement I did when I wrote them. God is at work in this place and God is at work in you! Yet, with these open doors, Paul informs us that adversaries also arise. Challenges that seek to hinder our progress, distractions that attempt to sway our focus, and the Devil to fight any forward motions that seek to leave an impact for Christ in the generations to come. But don’t be discouraged! For where there are adversaries, there is also the power of God enabling us to   accomplish far more than we could ever imagine. And where there are adversaries, there is also our family of faith here at Bethel. Brothers and sisters in Christ here to help bear our burdens, helping us up when we fall, and standing by our side to fight the good fight of faith. So, in this new year, let’s commit to three things. Discernment: In everything, let’s first seek God’s guidance to recognize the doors He opens for us. Not every open door is meant for us to walk through, but with discernment, we can recognize the ones aligned with His will.  Courage: Stepping through an open door requires bravery. Let’s       courageously embrace the new, the unknown, and the challenging, trusting that God equips us for every step we take. Unity: Together, let’s support and uplift each other. Let’s celebrate victories, encourage in moments of struggle, and walk hand-in-hand through the open doors God places before us. As we journey into 2024, let us approach these open doors with faith, knowing that God's plan is far greater than any adversity we might face. Together, let’s make this year a testament to our trust in His guidance and His promise.      

- Pastor Tommy

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